White Glove Service

Our white glove service is an attitude, we set ourselves apart from the rest

While the modern customer seems to be obsessed with speed, convenience, and fulfillment, it adds pressure for businesses to offer the customer more than just a product or service; a complete buying experience!

In response to this demanding lifestyle, brands are now adopting the latest trends in customer service and product deliveries to satisfy the consumer.

This is where KOR-PLUS White-Glove Service comes into the picture, and in here, we serve mainly for IT equipments and medical devices especially.


It can be seen in the way every package is treated delicately throughout the transit and delivered with precision to the customer. KOR-PLUS White-glove service providers have trusted, experienced and professional people on our teams who are experts at end-to-end handling of all kinds of movable goods.

There are some remarkable characteristics of KOR-PLUS white-glove services that stand out from regular freight and shipment services, you can review some of our photos of how we perform our works.

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we create solutions that are locally fueled, which enables companies to efficiently scale in the South East Asia regions.