KOR-PLUS offers importers and exporters IOR and EOR services in all the South East Asian countries today.

KOR-PLUS provides professional IOR & EOR services for IT equipment, technology hardware and goods, medical devices & medicinal materials for medical trials, aircraft & aerospace maintenance parts & tools in all 11 countries in South East Asia.

KOR-PLUS offers world-class level but most localised logistics solutions for IT Equipments & Technology, Medical & Aerospace Goods Projects in South East Asia region, no matter what size, complexity, or exceptional constraints the project demands – including building or moving a Data Center or white glove services of essential machine parts, and year-round RMA arrangement etc. By their very nature, IT Equipments & Technology, Medical & Aerospace Goods can involve high values, fragile and delicate materials handling. KOR-PLUS has been using its recognized experience and expertise in this area with customers for years.

The importer of record (IOR) is the entity which is legally responsible for compliance to regulations and payment of duties and taxes when importing goods. The IOR can, in fact, be the purchaser of the products or a local organization providing the service of importing on behalf of others.

Similarly, the exporter of record (EOR) is the entity liable towards local authorities during the export process.

It’s hard to overstate how import the role of customs brokerage is. Any mistake will halt the logistics chain and cause delay & storage charges. Our specialists are there to secure your supply chain is in good hands.

IOR/EOR Service includes:

  • Paying duty/taxes upon importation.

  • Filing specific declarations with various government agencies upon importation or exportation.
  • Obtaining any licensing, certification and authorizations to export if required for a commodity; in many cases before exportation to the destination country location.

These essential IOR/EOR requirements are some of the keys to ensuring fast, smooth and reliable importing and exporting worldwide.

While most companies export or import products to a specific business entity when selling or buying a product, supporting warranty replacement and other emergency stock programs in various global destinations can be difficult without a sales party to act as IOR.

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