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We facilitate global trade and IOR/EOR services with local experts and unparalleled infrastructure allowing companies to easily enter and expand into new markets through a single interface.

KOR-PLUS offers specific compliance solutions in the South East Asia region for IT Equipments & Technology, Medical & Aerospace Goods / Projects, allowing our customers to trade globally while ensuring 100% compliance with local requirements. We can deliver your cargo to locations such as data centers, repair facilities, decommissioning sites, and others that, by definition, do not act as importers or lack the knowledge/facilities to deal with customs.

Whether your business involves regulated products or complex compliance obligations, KOR-PLUS will assist you with all import, export and customs clearance requirements allowing your business to scale, minimize resource requirements, and eliminate your exposure.

We combine expertise in global logistics and trade management to enhance and provide exceptional value to international supply chains. Our clients are able to expand their footprint into a country without establishing a permanent presence while maintaining limited resources to manage and oversee compliant import and export delivery operations in a foreign jurisdiction. From consultation to comprehensive turnkey services, KOR-PLUS possesses the expertise to help you navigate unique, country-specific import/export requirements and regulations.

Our solutions include:

  • Customized Import/Export Documentation
  • Commercial Invoice Preparation
  • License/Permit Application and Maintenance
  • Dual-Use/Strategic Commodities
  • Exports for Repair/Refurbishment and Return
  • Fiscal Representation
  • Landed Cost Analysis
  • Compliance Planning
  • Tariff Mapping and Classification
  • Customized Denied Party Screening KOR-PLUS’s global trade solutions compress time-to market, provide differentiation and remove costs.

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we create solutions that are locally fueled, which enables companies to efficiently scale in the South East Asia regions.