Facing any SIRIM issue in MALAYSIA?

Taiwan practices a very strict control on wireless and bluetooth functional goods, under the governance of TW NCC (National Communication Committee), and due to the complexity in the requirement from TW NCC as well as the language barrier, it is a very difficult process to go through for the first timer.
For those whoever wants to import device with wireless or bluetooth function, the importer itself must firstly be registered as an eligible importer in NCC, and follow by the formal application of NCC permit which required all the necessary detailing specs of the subject product and a laboratory need to be involved for some tests and examinations, the process is rather costly and take at least 3 months to complete.
The granted NCC permit could allow the importer to import freely at will without restriction of any quantity, but a notification need to be lodged to the TW NCC for every importation within the period of the permit allowed.
There are nonetheless some exemption methods allowed, thus providing a quicker solution for those who deemed the application of NCC permit being unworkable, please speak with our team directly should you require any professional advice on this.

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